Musical Influence ~ Unknown Reasons

If there is one other thing, I wanted to do besides being a writer, it was to be a singer. As a teenager, I spent countless hours in my room with the stereo turned up “pretending” I was a rock star.

But there was only one problem. I can’t carry a tune. So, I dreamed…

Music has always been a big part of my life. Mom said she kept a radio on my nursery. My older brother introduced me to music before I could read record labels. My father could play piano by ear (even though he never played).

And when the Beatles came to the US in 1964… Well, the rest is history.

Maybe that’s why I chose to have a part time musician as the main character in Unknown Reasons, the second book of the Driscoll Lake Series. Brian Nichols is the character responsible for me writing three books. I explain why at the end of the book, but I’ll say that characters often do the unexpected.

And maybe there’s a little bit of Brian in me (or me in him). He’s a bit of a rebel, holds a full- time job while playing with a band. (I hold a full-time job and write.) And like me, Brian likes Classic Rock—the Eagles, Tom Petty, Pink Floyd.

But Brian has his share of troubles. Not only has he fallen for Rachel Jackson, a woman whom he considers to be out of his league, there’s someone out to get him.

If you can’t stand the heat…

Rachel Jackson hails from one of Driscoll Lake’s wealthiest families. Like her father, she became a doctor and is now a respected physician. But despite her successful career, Rachel feels something is missing from her life—until she crosses paths with Brian Nichols.

The son of a hard-working mother and alcoholic father, Brian acted out when he was young, earning a reputation as a troublemaker. As an adult, he’s worked hard to clean up his act and now owns a burgeoning construction company.

Rachel and Brian form an unlikely friendship which begins to blossom into something more. But a series of structure fires—determined to be arson—puts Brian in the hot seat. The properties are all associated with his work, making him the prime suspect. Toss in his juvenile history, and he finds himself the focus of a tenacious investigator. Even Rachel starts to have doubts.

Brian struggles to save his relationship, his company, and his reputation. But unless the real arsonist is caught before striking again, everything Brian holds dear may go up in smoke.

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Want to know more about Brian and his music? I created a playlist of songs as a wrote the book. Some are mentioned by name, others fit a particular scene. I’ll post the playlist next week. In the meantime, don’t forget to pick up a copy this month. The price increases on June 1.

15 thoughts on “Musical Influence ~ Unknown Reasons

    1. I enjoyed creating this playlist. Some of the songs are mentioned by name in the book, others fit a particular scene. I also created a list for the upcoming release, although music doesn’t play as big a part in it.


  1. I love singing, too Joan! I still like to pretend I can keep up with Ann Wilson…lol. My youngest daughter can actually sing, so I will have to settle for that. Music creeps its way into my writing as well. I look forward to hearing about your writing list. Pink Floyd and poetry are a good mix.

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  2. Gee. What a surprise. I wanted to be a singer, too. And I can’t sing to save my life.

    I love the fact that music so inspires you. It inspires me, too. And I have a musician in one of my books (as yet unpublished). Still sharing brains.

    I wish you loads of success with this promo. And with your upcoming release!

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  3. You sound like me, Joan. I used to do the rock star thing as a teen too, but am a woefully dreadful singer. For a while I even played bass guitar. I love music and come from a musical family. My brother is a drummer, and much like Brian has played in bands all his life while holding a full-time job. My grandfather was a musician who played multiple instruments and was also in a band for most of his life. Me? I’ll stick to words, LOL.

    I hope other enjoy Unknown Reasons as much as I did. It’s a great read!


    1. So glad you enjoyed the book, Mae. It was fun to write. I took piano lessons and have a piano in my house, but I haven’t touched it in years. I’m like you, I’ll stick with writing!

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