New Release ~ Julie Holmes ~ Murder in Plane Sight

Hello Readers! I’m super excited today to be hosting author Julie Holmes. Her debut novel,  Murder in Plane Sight, was released last week. You probably know I love mysteries and I’m enjoying this one. But now, let’s hear more from Julie.

Thank you so much, Joan, for hosting me on my first book release tour!

As I prepared for the release, I paid attention to the things other writers have done for their book release blog tours. One thing they did was write different blog posts for each stop.

Wait. All different?

Sure. It keeps followers from getting bored reading the same stuff over and over again, right? I asked each of my hosts if there were any questions they would like to ask. Joan did one better and gave me a great list of topics to choose from.

I’ll pick out a few questions from her list. One thing I always like is learning more about the authors I know, so here are a few questions that let you know a little bit about me.

When you’re not writing (or reading) what do you do to unwind?

If you follow my blog, you know I have a vegetable garden during the summer. That is one of the things I do to unwind—pulling weeds is surprisingly therapeutic. Until the weeds hit their stride around the end of July and it’s tough to keep up with them. By that time, I throw up my hands in defeat. I also like to take long walks, but I don’t have a good trail where I live. There is a nice 2-mile trail near where I work. Makes for a great lunch outing.

Do you have any guilty pleasures (i. e. type of food, music, TV show, shoe obsession, silly distraction) you’d like to share?

Erm, share? Do I really want people to know I still listen to the same 80s music I listened to in high school? Or that I play Candy Crush Soda to clear my head? What about the fact I have all the original Star Wars movies in VHS (both the original and the anniversary versions) and DVD and I’ve read and watched all the behind the scenes stories. Or that I love the How to Train Your Dragon movies (and can’t wait for the third one to come out)?

What attracts you most to your chosen genre?

I write mystery at this point, but I have written science fiction and fantasy. Right now, mystery appeals to me because it’s a puzzle, and gives the writer an opportunity to try to outfox the reader, or at least make the reader work harder to figure out whodunit. I do read some fantasy—mostly urban fantasy these days, along the lines of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden and Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson, and I have an urban fantasy percolating about. Fantasy appeals to me because it offers the writer an excuse to play with things that don’t exist. There is a bit of freedom in coloring outside the lines.

Sierra Bauer, aircraft mechanic, struggled against personal tragedy to reclaim control of her life and her aviation career, but when she discovers a frozen body in her inspection plane, she must prove her innocence and uncover the key to exposing a deadly aviation conspiracy before she becomes the next casualty.

Find at Amazon and Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.

Short Excerpt:

“Miss Bauer, are you okay to drive home?” Moore’s voice startled her. He’d been so quiet she’d forgotten he was still there, watching her.

She glanced over her shoulder, a habit she thought she’d conquered. If that was his black pickup, was he watching her? A shiver slithered through her. “Yeah, I guess.”

“Give me your number in case I have more questions.” Moore wrote as she recited her number for him, and then handed her a business card with his contact information on it after he wrote on the back. “My home number. If you think of anything else that might help me with this, don’t hesitate to call. Anytime.” His fingers brushed hers when he handed over the card. “And I mean any time.”

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26 thoughts on “New Release ~ Julie Holmes ~ Murder in Plane Sight

    1. Thank you, Michele! I always like learning more about my fellow authors. I don’t mind weeds early in the season, when they are few and small, but by the end of summer when they grow more than a quarter inch overnight I’m pretty done with them 🙂


  1. I love How To Train Your Dragon and I admit to tearing up a bit watching the third one. My cat Coco reminds me of Toothless. I love old music including the 80s. Such great music snd memories. I just finished your book last night. Loved it and will get review up today!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. I listen to old music too. 60s,70s and 80s, although I do mix it up with current stuff. There’s something just FUN about the old songs. I’m also a Star Wars fan but am a complete How To Train Your Dragon FREAK! I adore Toothless 🙂

    But I will agree with Staci that pulling weeds is torture.

    I’m about halfway through Murder in Plane Sight and am sucked up in the mystery. Look for a review in a few days!

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  3. Thanks for hosting, Joan. It’s really nice to get to know Julie better. A few things…

    One, pulling weeds is NOT therapeutic. It’s pure torture.
    Two, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with 80s music, particularly rock.
    Three, nor is there anything wrong with owning all the Star Wars movies. (And a collectable book.)
    Four, I started your novel yesterday, and I’m already so invested in Sierra and Quinn. And the mystery! Nicely done.

    Wishing you much success with your release, Julie.

    Liked by 4 people

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