Beatles, Memories, and The Week in Review


The Beatles arrive in America, February 1964. Public domain photo via Wikimedia Commons

I can’t remember the exact occasion when I heard the Beatles on the radio. It was probably sometime in early 1964. My older brother was a big music fan and therefore, I was introduced to several singers and groups from that era. I was a big fan of the Four Seasons – until The Beatles came alone.

Decades later, I’m still a fan. A few weesk ago, Sirius announced they were counting down the top seventy-five Beatles songs from 1962-1966. Fans were able to vote and Sirius broadcast the show last weekend. I streamed it on my computer and listened to the entire 3.5 hours. Brought back a lot of good memories.

Needless to say, I didn’t do any writing that evening. However, I made good progress on my WIP. The end is almost in sight.

But now, it’s time for this week’s writing links.

From Story Empire:

From other great writing sites:

28 thoughts on “Beatles, Memories, and The Week in Review

  1. I always enjoyed the Beatles. My musical tastes cover a wide spectrum, but I find myself listing to older things more frequently. At least the Stones are still making music, and Paul has some new stuff out.

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  2. You know I’m a Beatles fan. They were a bit before my time, but not my brother and sister. Lucky for me, they had excellent taste in music and listened to them. I was hooked. Even bought a couple of my own albums in addition to listening to my siblings’. I remember how excited you were to catch the countdown. Writing can always wait a day for something we love.

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    1. Yeah it was a fun evening. Made even better because of chatting with friends.

      My brother introduced me to music. Because of our age difference I like sixties music as much as the seventies tunes. Sometimes more!

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      1. My sister and brother were born in the early 60s. I was born in the early 70s. Because of them (and really, my parents and even grandparents) I have a wide and eclectic interest in decades of music. Even my kids are impacting me now. Music is one of those great equalizers. I love that it can bridge generations so easily.

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  3. I LOVE the Beatles, Joan, but I think you already know that, LOL. They’re my favorite group as well and I’m constantly switching between Hits 1 snd the Beatles stations on Sirius in my car. I was twelve or thirteen when I heard my first Beatles song. That wasn’t until the mid seventies after they’d split up, but I was addicted from that time on and instantly became a rabid fan. Just yesterday on the Beatles channel a sixteen-year-old girl was counting down her “Fab Four” songs. I love that their music has the ability to reach across generations.

    And wow, that’s wonderful news about your WIP. Congrats!

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  4. I love The Beatles, too! I caught part of that countdown and wished I had listened to the whole thing. I heard a couple of songs I hadn’t heard in a while. Hope you have a great weekend.

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  5. I love listening to tunes from my youth, Joan. The beatles are a tad before my time but still some of the best music around. Thanks for the links and have a great weekend. Good luck with the WIP 🙂

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    1. Classic Rock is my favorite music genre and of course, The Beatles are my favorite group. My family has three generations of fans (four if you count the fact my mom liked their music, although I wouldn’t consider her a fan). My nieces and their kids also love to listen. Have a fun filled weekend!

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