Getting Back on Track, October, and The Week in Review

October. That special time of year. Fall festivals. Full moons. Brilliant colors and bright blue skies. Cool, crispy nights. Bonfires. Hayrides. Shall I say more?

I couldn’t resist sharing a quote by L. M. Montgomery from Anne of Green Gables. I have to agree with her, I love October.

This week is also one to “get back on track,” so to speak. I went back to work on Monday and so far, my eye is doing fine. Now if I get back on track with writing, I’ll be doing fine.

But in the meantime, here are this week’s writing links.

From Story Empire

From Other Writing Sites:


21 thoughts on “Getting Back on Track, October, and The Week in Review

  1. Joan, so glad to learn your eye and you are doing well. Thanks for the interesting links and update on autumn in Texas. How about that Cowboys game last Sunday? We were here in OR yelling for the Cowboys to win.

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    1. Sherrey, I was so disappointed in the outcome! Houston may be in Texas but I’m not a fan! At least my Longhorns won on Saturday. Thanks for the concern about my eye. That was a scary ordeal.


  2. I left for church at 8:15 this morning (Sunday) dressed for October: black and orange patchwork print dress with orange long-sleeve shirt underneath to hide my old lady arms, my New Balance running shoes (doctor’s orders) black tights instead of my Cancer Survivor socks, and make up and hair neatly done in fall shades (Yes, hair too–a rinse) I stepped out the back door into AUGUST! It was 87 degrees! NO LOL! Thank goodness the Sunday School classroom and church were cool, but I sweated so just driving home, that I have to wash everything from underwear out! I hope the Good Lord understands my “Ox in the ditch!” LOL

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    1. Sounds like our weather. If the forecast is correct, we’re in for cooler temps later this week and into the weekend. I sure hope so.

      And I think the Good Lord understands! 🙂


  3. So glad you’re feeling better, Joan.

    October is one of my favorite times of year. Back in Pennsylvania, the trees are lovely and the weather is crisp. Everywhere brings out the pumpkin flavors and apple cider. Oktoberfest. Football and hockey (the Pens won last night, 7-6. Yay!) I know it’s a time of harvest and preparation for dormancy, but I can’t help but feel alive with the beauty and vibrancy of it all.

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    1. Yes, there is something special about October. Yesterday was the classic Texas/OU game. Used to be the second Saturday of the month but for some reason that changed this year. I remember when it used to be crisp and cool for the game. I think it was close to 90 in Dallas during the game. But still, October is a special time.

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  4. I love Octobers, too, Joan. At least, the idea of them. Here in Florida, there’s really no difference between October and August. Well, it’s mostly 90 degrees now, instead of 95, so that’s good. But boy, when I can go to the mountains and revel in the flaming colors of fall, the crisp, frosty mornings, and best of all, PUMPKINS everywhere you look, I’m a happy camper, for sure.

    SO glad your eye is doing so well! Thank goodness for that. And thanks for the links! Sharing! 🙂

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  5. Joan, I positively love October. In my area it feels more like September or August right now. I’m still waiting for the vibrant colors and crisp days and nights. In the meantime we have an extension of summer, LOL.
    So glad you are recovered. Wishing you an awesome Friday and a great weekend!

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