Silver Linings, September, and The Week in Review

A silver lining. Photo was taken in 2011 during a severe drought.

Confession. After ten days of vacation, waking up to an alarm and going to work was hard. With the September days growing shorter, the sun hasn’t risen before I leave the house.

I made my usual stop at our local What-a-Burger for a sausage-egg biscuit and the largest iced tea they sell (need to tank up on the caffeine, and I don’t drink coffee). Even as I pulled onto the interstate, I found myself wishing I could be home.

But then came a silver lining. The sun peaked over the horizon, surrounded by clouds. I reached for my phone, hoping to take a photo, but traffic prohibited me from doing so. Had I not been on my way to work, I would have missed a beautiful scene. We don’t have to look far to find a silver lining in many of our situations.

And now it’s time for this week’s writing links. Five seems to be a magic number, as you will notice from several of the post titles.

From Story Empire:

From other writing sites:

21 thoughts on “Silver Linings, September, and The Week in Review

  1. Enjoyed how you turned that gloomy, gotta go back to work morning into a smile with the silver lining shift. You are not only a clever writer but a clever gal all the way around.

    Like the new look of your site. I’ve been fooling around with new themes for my book review blog, and I think I tried this one out. I like the magazine look of it. I’ve missed some of your posts but am hoping to get back to a better reading schedule here soon.

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    1. Sherrey, always good to have you stop by. I know health problems have limited your time on the internet and pray that you are better.

      You know me, I’m always playing around with new themes. I think the darker tone of this one better sets the mood for mystery and suspense.


  2. Beautiful photo, Joan. I was only off for four days and found it hard going back to work. Plus there is something about the change of seasons and the coming autumn that makes it harder to get up in the mornings. Wishing you an awesome weekend!

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  3. Such a poignant sentiment, Joan. I’m glad you were able to find a moment of pleasure in the middle of something you didn’t feel like doing. I know I always feel blessed when something beautiful happens in the middle of a dreaded task.

    Nice list of links, too. Happy weekend!

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  4. I’ve always loved sunrises more than sunsets. A sunset means another day gone, but a sunrise is full of promise. Nice post, Joan, and as far behind as I am right now, I’m learning to dearly love weekly updates! I’ll be checking out these links as time allows, and I thank you for including The Write Stuff in the group! Have a great Friday and an even greater weekend! 🙂

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  5. Thanks for the links, Joan. Yep, those first days back at work are always tough. I love the picture and the sentiment. Have a great weekend 🙂

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