Reunions, Staycations, and The Week in Review

Last Saturday, my husband and I attended a reunion. A very special reunion. Attendees came from all walks of life and were of various ages. All were there to celebrate a special anniversary. For some, it was one year, others five-ten years, and still some celebrated twenty-plus years. Confused yet?

In October 1993, my husband underwent a bone marrow transplant at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. He’s a two-time cancer survivor who has now been cancer free for twenty-five years.

Each year, the Baylor transplant program holds a reunion for survivors. For various reasons, we had been unable to attend since 1994, but with this being a milestone year, we made a point to make it. Needless to say, being back in the place where John spent twenty-four days in the hospital brought back lots of memories. We recalled the first day when he went for a consult. We felt an immediate connection to his care team – they treated us like people, not like a number in the system. One of the survivors who spoke said the same thing – he felt like family.

The theme for this year’s reunion was “The Circle of Life.” Entertainment was based on The Lion King,ย including a fantastic rendition of Elton John’s “Circle of Life.” We had a great time and feel blessed to have attended the event.

I also took a few days vacation this week, or as I like to call it a “staycation.” Making slow progress with Unclear Purposes. I also redesigned my website and blog. I think the new theme fits much better for mystery and suspense.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll have the cover reveal for Unclear Puposes. But for now, it’s time for this week’s links:

From Story Empire:

From Other Writing Sites:


16 thoughts on “Reunions, Staycations, and The Week in Review

    1. Don’t know about other hospitals, but Baylor has reunions for all their transplant recipients. Used to be combined (heart, lung, liver, bone marrow, etc.) but this one has separated into a single event. It’s pretty special. Glad you like the new blog look!

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  1. Joan, I’m sure that was emotional reunion for you and John. What a blessing in your lives that he is cancer free. Twenty-five years is indeed a milestone, that I’m sure also inspired many others at the event.

    I love the new look of your blog/website and am looking forward to the cover reveal for Unclear Purposes. When you’re ready, I would love to host you!

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    1. Mae, it was emotional. I had tears (of joy) come to my eyes quite a few times. Glad you like the new year and thanks for the offer to host. I’ll be taking you up on it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. It was emotional, Nicholas. But good emotions. Of course, the writer in me started to think about how things have changed in twenty-five years, and how something could be developed into a story. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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    1. We are both happy to have been able to attend. Brought back lots of memories. As far as the book, hoping progress speeds up now. I had a difficult time with chapter twelve. Thirteen is my lucky number moving forward!

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