The Week in Review

Happy Friday, Readers. Hope you’ve had a good week. Although summer hasn’t officially arrived, if the upcoming weekend is any indication, Texas is in for a hot one.

I’m making a concerted effort to blog more often. In addition to writing, I enjoy photography – especially nature photos. Due to health reasons, I’m not able to get out and about to take as many photos as I once did. (And truthfully, I’m using my iPhone more often these days rather than dragging my Nikon DSLR around.

However, I’ve decided to share one of my own photos each week along with a list of writing links. Some of the photos may be old, but others new.

I took the above photo  a few years back when we were vactioning in Big Bend National Park. This area is known as “The Window.” Couldn’t resist snapping a few photos of an amazing sunset.

And now, here’s a (short) list of writing links:

10 thoughts on “The Week in Review

  1. Awesome photo! Must be beautiful country. I like your idea of sharing your photos, old and new, along with writing tips. We all love images of all kinds and you have taken some amazing pictures. I know what you mean about not getting around to blogging. And sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Here’s to improvement!

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    1. Thanks, Sherrey. I’m facing knee surgery sometime in the future. I hate not being able to get outdoors and walk like I once did. But these days knees can be repaired. I know things have been also difficult for you the past couple of years. Thinking of you and hoping for better health for both of us.


  2. I love the photo, Joan. Like you, I tend to snap with my phone now instead of digging out and lugging around my Cannon DSLR, lols. Have a great weekend 🙂

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    1. I couldn’t believe it took me so long to see Big Bend, being that it’s in my home state. Then again, it is a long drive. But even though it’s in the Chihuahuan Desert, there is still beauty.

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