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Well, I’ve had an interesting week. For several months, I’ve been bothered by knee pain. Finally got a referral to an orthopedic surgeon and surgery may be in my future. However, I woke up on Monday with pain in my right middle toe. (You might guess its on the same side as my bad knee.) As is typical with me, I tried to ignore it and treat it on my own.

Until Wednesday night when the pain was excruciating. Stayed home from work on Thursday and went to the doctor. Turns out I have a stress fracture, and I’m in a walking boot. Never had a broken bone (and I was an accident-prone child) until now.

Wokandapix / Pixabay

But on to more pleasant topics.  Fellow author Mae Clair posted a couple of days ago about her reading habits and invited bloggers to join along. If you’d like to write a post on your blog, I’m tagging you.

And now, here are my reading habits.

Do you have a specific place for reading? I prefer to sit on the sofa in my den (it’s nice and cozy there), but I’ll read almost anywhere. In my office during lunch, in the car on long trips, or sitting outdoors. When I was in my early twenties, I had a backyard hammock and every afternoon you could find me there reading the latest Harlequin Romance. (I don’t read those anymore.)

Bookmark or random piece of paper? If possible a bookmark but in a crunch, a piece of paper will do. So much of my reading now is on my Kindle, so bookmarks aren’t needed.

Do you eat or drink while reading? Sometimes I read while eating lunch or dinner.

Music or TV while reading? Not usually although I did listen to Spotify while reading a couple of nights ago. I almost never turn on the TV, but if my husband is home and turns it on, I tune it out to read.

One book at a time or several? Usually, one unless I’m having a hard time getting through a story and I’ll read another.

Do you prefer to read at home or elsewhere? Preferably home, but I’ll read anywhere I can.

Read out loud or silently? Silently, unless I’m having a hard time with a passage and I might read out loud to get a better understanding of what’s being said.

Do you read ahead or skip pages? Not unless the book gets boring.

Break the spine or keep it like new?  I don’t purposely bend the spine, but with paperbacks, it sometimes happens. I try to keep hardbacks like new and protect them.

Do you write in books? Fiction, never. Writing reference books, yes.

What books are you reading now? Just finished “Tempted by Mr. Wrong” by Jacquie Biggar. I’m reading the twelve other stories in “Quantum Wanderlust” (I never go back and read my own work because I’d want to change something.) I have a to read list that is too long, so I’m not sure what I’ll select next.

What is your favorite childhood book? That’s easy. “The Incredible Journey” by Sheila Burnford. I also loved “Charlotte’s Web” even though I’m terrified of spiders. As a teenager, I liked “The Outsiders” by S. E. Hinton.

What is your all-time favorite book? That’s tougher to answer. It’s hard to pick just one. I’m a fan of Tolkien, so I liked “Lord of the Rings.” I also like Agatha Christie mysteries and “Murder on The Orient Express” is one of my favorites.

What about you? I’d love to know about your favorite books!






18 thoughts on “A Book Lover’s Tag

  1. My favorite childhood book was Robin Hood. I still have it. It’s not in the best condition, but it was well read and lived.

    I hope your knee/foot gets better quickly. I had knee surgery 30 years ago, and recommended that you follow all the post surgery instructions. Good luck.


    1. I never read Robin Hood. Nice that you still have your original copy.

      Thanks for the wishes about the knee. I’ve heard rehab is tough, but I’m determined to do what is needed to get better.


  2. Incredible Journey was a favorite of mine. The Disney movie was awesome too. I owned Bull terriers for eighteen years, and Old Bodger was special. Hope you feel better soon.


    1. It’s a great book. I always imagined myself on the journey with the animals. That book is what made me realize I wanted to write stories that took readers to places they had never been. Love Bull Terriers and yes, Old Bodger was something special.


  3. I remember The Hobbit cartoon when I was young. I looked forward to that every year. I never read the book, though.

    I love Charlotte’s Web. Was in the play when I was in school. (And I hate spiders, too.) Such a sad story, but so lovely. Loved The Outsiders, too.

    I want a hammock. I’ve had the big swing, but never the hammock. Maybe at the next house…


    1. Two things I forgot…

      1) Did you know they’ve remade the film Murder on the Orient Express? I loved the first; hope the second holds up.

      2) Sorry to hear about your knee and foot. Hope you heal soon and don’t need surgery down the road.


      1. Saw a preview of the new film the other day. I hate to say I’m skeptical but it would be hard to outdo the first film. Plus they had so many top actors in it. Thanks for the wishes about the knee and foot. This hasn’t been the best of years, but I’m determined to do what is needed to get better.


        1. Hoping you feel better, Joan. Between the knee and the foot it has to be rough. I’ve had a couple relatives that have had knee surgery and felt much better afterward, should it come to that!


          1. I noticed Johnny Depp plays Ratchet. I think they must have changed some character names and saw others (on IMDB) that I didn’t recognize. We’ll probably go to see it.


        1. The original film is great. Made in 1974, it stars Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Sean Connery, Vanessa Redgrave, Albert Finney (as Poirot), Anthony Perkins, and more. Ingrid Bergman won an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress. If you ever get a chance, I recommend watching it.


  4. So glad you decided to play along, Joan.
    Your hammock in the back yard when you were a kid sounds like a wonderful place to escape with a book.
    The Lord of the Rings trilogy was my first experience with fantasy. My 10th grade science-fiction teacher suggested I give them a try and gave me his copies to read. I read the trilogy before The Hobbit which is why I never enjoyed that one quite as much, I think.
    And it appears many of us like to mark up nonfiction books 🙂


    1. That hammock was wonderful. It was a particularly hot summer (even for Texas) and lounging under the shade tree was so refreshing! LOTR is a hard read. The Hobbit is much easier and I equally enjoyed it.


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