Updates, Links, and More

Peaceful scene

Last Saturday, I realized I didn’t do my Friday post. It was an incredibly busy week at my day job and as a co-worker said, “This week has been six weeks long.” Wish I could offer that as an excuse, but the truth is simple. I forgot!

Things have been a little calmer this week. I’m busy with edits for Unknown Reasons and toying with ideas for the third book of my Driscoll Lake Series, Unclear Purposes. And, if you haven’t noticed, I redesigned my website.

Speaking of Driscoll Lake, this Saturday, October 7, I’ll be a guest on the Rave Reviews Book Club Blog Talk Radio Show. I’ll be answering questions about the first book of the series, Unseen Motivies. The show begins at 12:00 noon Central Time. To listen, just click on this link. You can also ask questions on Twitter (a hashtag will be provided during the show).

And now, here are this week’s links:

That wraps things up for this week. Enjoy the weekend, and if you get a chance, send some cooler weather Texas way!Save

2 thoughts on “Updates, Links, and More

  1. Joan, I LOVE the revamped website, especially that gorgeous atmospheric photograph. Beautiful! And congrats on the upcoming radio show. I won’t be able to tune in but I wish you much success!


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