Extroverted Introvert?

I often tell people that I am an extroverted introvert. I have no problem being around people – fifteen years in a banking job where I interacted with hundreds of people daily would prove that. But back when I was in high school, I was extremely bashful. My husband doesn’t believe me when I say that, but it’s true. So much so that my mother used to tell me that if I didn’t open up more, people would think I was conceited.

That was far from the truth, I was shy. But sometime between high school and my banking job, I learned to open up. Where I once found myself tongue-tied, my current job requires me to interact with medical professionals. I’m comfortable being in a meeting with a group of doctors and other health care providers. I’ve sat in meetings with auditors and answered their questions during the triennial accreditation survey medical facilities are required to undergo. That’s the extroverted part of me.

Yet there is the other side of me (no I’m not schizo). There is the writer. The one who can spend hours typing out words on a computer, the one whose thoughts are often dwelling upon story ideas. The one who could hibernate for a long weekend to write. That’s the introvert in me.

Today Mae Clair writes about personality types and writers. I think you’ll find her post interesting. Click here to read.

8 thoughts on “Extroverted Introvert?

  1. Joan, thanks for leading me to MaeClair’s post. Enjoyed taking the quiz and learning I’m a MEDIATOR (INFP-A). I’ve always been quiet in crowds and as a child would hide behind my folks in big crowds, like at church. Today I’m just the opposite in large groups, but enjoy being married to my introvert husband and enjoy my writing time and being alone for that, reading, music, etc. Great post!


    1. Glad you enjoyed the post, Sherrey. We try to provide valuable content for writers. And it’s interesting to take those tests. So glad you stopped by here and Story Empire!


  2. I’m an extroverted introvert, too! Like you, Joan, I was “painfully shy” as one of my former classmates put it. My parents pushed me into several activities trying to get me out of my shell. I had other classmates tell me they thought I was a snob in high school. That’s so far from the truth! I’ve learned to interact with people for the various jobs I’ve held over the years and learned to chit-chat. I love hibernating, though!


  3. Just the opposite for me, Joan. When I was young, I was a social butterfly. As I got older, I got more comfortable as a hermit and less comfortable being in public. (Hard to imagine that, knowing I was a professor and I don’t usually shut up when we’re chatting, huh?)


    1. I can always think of things to say, especially when talking with other writers. I suspect that is you also. And like you, I could easily be a hermit. My extroverted husband keeps me socializing.


  4. Thanks for sharing my post, Joan. It’s interesting that you mentioned your mother saying that if you didn’t open up people would think you’re conceited. I still have people think that when they meet me today. I’m working to do better! 🙂


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