Book Reviews ~ An Author’s Lifeline

With the onset of online shopping, digital books, self-publishing, and such book reviews are an author’s lifeline. They can make or break a book. Amazon is the number one place to post reviews, and many people will go there to read reviews even if they purchase a book through Barnes and Nobel, Kobo, iBooks, and such.

I often use reviews before deciding to buy a book by an author with whom I am unfamiliar. If I see too many negative ones, most often I’ll back away. There have been a few times when a negative review enticed me to buy a book because something the review didn’t like, I knew I would.

But too many times I’ll read a review that says, “Not my genre.” Really? Then why did you buy the book in the first place?  There are right ways and wrong ways to write a book review. Fellow author Staci Troilo is posting today on the AIW Press blog on this subject. So why not hop on over to read what Staci has to say?

4 thoughts on “Book Reviews ~ An Author’s Lifeline

  1. On my way over now.
    I’ve had one or two of those reviews that said “not my genre” and was left thinking the same thing…why buy the book then? that one always puzzles me!


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