Weather, Writing, and Story Empire

Happy first day of May, everyone. Can’t believe another month has passed us by, but April bid her farewell yesterday. She said goodbye with a vengeance in my part of Texas. Multiple tornadoes occurred within fifty miles of where I live on Saturday evening, one year to the date when two tornadoes swept through my hometown.

Warning sirens went off in town (we live four miles out and could still hear them). Fortunately, all we had was thunder and a little rain. Our neighbors to the west weren’t so fortunate. Three tornadoes, massive damage, and so far five confirmed fatalities. Things are calm in the pre-dawn hours today and as I sit and write this post, I hear a whip-poor-will calling from outside my window. The sound of those nocturnal birds is always pleasing to me.

But now on to other things. I’m posting today at Story Empire where I talk about finding the “write” place or the right place to write. Hope you join me over there by clicking here.


2 thoughts on “Weather, Writing, and Story Empire

  1. Oh, my goodness! I am so afraid of such things. Until 2000 they were only to be seen in news and movies, for us. But since 2000 we have our share of tornadoes, a frightening thing.
    We imagine we are the masters of the Universe but it takes only a snowstorm or a tornado or an earthquake( Romania is a country affected by earthquakes) to show us we are nothing in front of them.
    Stay safe and have a lovely week!
    By the way, do you celebrate 1st May as the Labor’s day? Here it is a free day. In all former communist countries 1st May had a strong political meaning.We were forced,especially us teachers, to take part in huge demonstrations showing our devotion to the “leader”.


    1. Carmen, our area has always had the potential for tornadoes, but they’ve worsened the past few years. The National Weather Service is still investigating,. As of this afternoon seven tornadoes confirmed. Incredible!

      Our Labor Day is the first Monday of September. My coworker has told me how school children were often tricked into saying their parents attended church during communist rule. My country isn’t perfect, but I’m thankful we never had to face what you guys have. We take so much for granted.


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