Old Words – New Words

What would you think if you ordered a hamburger at your favorite restaurant and the server asked if you wanted love apples on it? Gross! Some people might eat apple slices on a burger, but I think it’s as revolting as having a fried egg on one. (And I like eggs.)

If the server were the opposite sex, you might think this person has an appetency (longing or desire) for you and this is a feeble attempt at flirtation. But love apples have nothing to do with apples or flirting. Love apples was once a term used for tomatoes!

Language has changed and evolved over the years. Some words become archaic and new words are coined and added to the dictionary regularly. I’m taking the reigns over at Story Empire today with a little fun post about old, new, and fad words. Click here to read.

6 thoughts on “Old Words – New Words

  1. It was only a matter of time until I found something we differed on (other than our Steeler/Cowboy rivalry). Eggs can pretty much go on any sandwich. Definitely on burgers! You don’t even need the bacon. Burger, cheese, egg, lettuce, mayo, and “love apples.” Maybe pickles. Yum!

    And isn’t it sad that I knew what love apples were before you defined them?


    1. It had to happen eventually. I like eggs and a burger is one of my favorite foods, but I just can’t eat them together. I love avocado on a burger.


      1. Avocado is good on most sandwiches. I love it on BLTs. Pretty good with egg salad, too, although that’s bringing eggs back to sandwiches again, and I don’t know how you’d feel about that.


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