A Visit With Lisa Burton (Assistant to C. S. Boyack)

Hello, everyone! I don’t know about you, but I sure had fun visiting yesterday’s stops for the Story Empire Road Show. We’re kicking off day two, and it’s my pleasure today to share a recent chat I had with Lisa Burton. Wait a minute, you might say. I don’t remember one of the authors being named Lisa Burton. Well, Lisa is the personal assistant of author C. S. Boyack (Craig) and she’s visiting in his place today. So without further ado…


My doorbell rang this morning, and I answered it. “Hello.”

A manicured hand reached forward. “Hi, are you Joan? I’m Lisa Burton.”

“I, um, I’m aware of you, but I don’t think we’ve ever met. What can I do for you?”

“It’s Craig’s part of the Story Empire Roadshow. He’s supposed to visit your blog today, but he sent me instead.”

“Please come in.” I ushered her into the kitchen and pushed a large cup of coffee her direction. “Do robot girls drink… coffee?”

“I can eat and drink to make others comfortable. Thank you so much.” She sat a leather map tube on the table. “Craig likes to have me bring posters to my hosts when I show up. I brought two because we’re promoting two books today.”

“Two books?”

“Craig writes short fiction as well as novels. He’s shared some micro- fiction on his blogs and published two Experimental Notebooks full of his stories. These are collections of short stories and micro-fiction that all have a speculative angle to them.”

“Okay then, let’s see what you have.”

Lisa unrolled the first poster, of herself standing beside an old biplane.

“This is from the first Experimental Notebook, and now I call it the formerly haunted biplane. The story is called Something in the Water, and it won a Planetary Award last year. I’m pretty excited about this book because I also got my own short story called Bombshell squad.”

“How exciting for you.”

“I know, right. I had to defuse a bomb at a hospital. It got kind of hairy because there was the explosive part and an incendiary part to it. This book includes a couple of other stories that were pretty popular, including 50 Gallon Drum and The Soup Ladle of Destiny.”

“And the other one?”

Lisa unrolled a poster of her floating through space.

“Oh my, how did you get that one?”

“It wasn’t hard. Robot girls don’t actually breathe, so it mostly involved floating around in zero-g until the artist got the right shot. It’s from the second Experimental Notebook and hints at a story called Last Flight of the Rocketmen. There are a couple of other stories inside that got some nice remarks too. Holo-barkers is a bit of near-future science fiction, and Magpies is a foreboding tale with a creepy background. Craig recycled a character from the first Notebook, named Jason Fogg, and this story was more popular than his origination tale. Jason is a kind of superhero, with less emphasis on the hero part.”

“You mentioned a promotion?”

“Oh yeah. Craig is giving these books away today only. They’ve never been on promotion before, and today you can grab both of them for the whopping big price of free. Craig likes me to remind people these are perfect for coffee breaks and lunch hour reading because they’re collections of short stories.”

“Will there be more Experimental Notebooks?”

“I’m sure there will be. Craig took a break from them and wrote a different kind of collection. This one is called The Enhanced League, and it should be available sometime this spring. All of the stories blend together to tell a larger story, so it’s a bit different than an Experimental Notebook.”

Lisa put the cap on her map tube. “You have a lovely home, and the coffee was perfect. Before I go, Craig wants me to remind everyone that Story Empire is a cooperative effort of multiple authors. He’s one, you’re one, and there are four more. In fact, today you’re appearing over at Mae Clair’s place, and Mae is visiting his blog

“He also wants me to remind everyone there are prizes up for grabs. He’s giving away two awesome coffee mugs, with a graphic of your’s truly. To check out the entire tour, pick up some great reading deals, and enter the contests visit the Story Empire Roadshow page.”

“So where are you off to next?”

“I’m a girl with a biplane and a credit card. Craig isn’t likely to show up at the writing cabin to draft new material until Saturday. I’m sure there must be a place with some cute boutiques and upscale shopping.”

You can connect with Craig at the following places: Blog My Novels  Twitter Goodreads Facebook

Craig, ahem Lisa,  it was a pleasure to host you today. Readers, be sure to leave a comment in order to win a prize. Don’t forget to check out the other tour stops by clicking the links below:

Staci   |   P. H.   |   Mae   |   Harmony   |   Joan




















38 thoughts on “A Visit With Lisa Burton (Assistant to C. S. Boyack)

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  1. Hi, Lisa! ❤ I've got a lot of catching up to do! 😉 I love how you make the most of expense account when you're on these jaunts for Craig! 😀
    Thanks for hosting Joan! 🙂


  2. LIsa is fantastic, as usual! 50 Gallon Drum still spins my head as does Magpies. I enjoyed both editions enormously and I’m waiting on the next short story anthologies from Craig. I didn’t realize you won an award for Something in the Water – great story!


  3. Such a helpful, smart robot-girl cum secretary – this Lisa. Doesn’t she have a sister? I could use her help, too.
    Have a great road trip, Craig and company!


    1. I see that question mark. Remember, you can grab a free copy and hang onto it for later. I appreciate the support.


  4. Great job, Joan and Craig. I’ve read Experimental Notebook II and two of your novels (just read Panama last night, in fact). All different, all thoroughly enjoyable. I’m going to pick up EN I now…


      1. I’ll get my reading caught up, then I’ll finish the draft of my novel. It’s soooo close now.


  5. Lisa always does such excellent promo for Craig. I’ve read both of his Experimental Notebooks and they’re awesome. Giving them away today FREE is a fabulous deal. Holo-barkers is my favorite short Notebook 2 but they’re all awesome.

    Fun post, Lisa, Joan and Craig. And now I bet Lisa is going to have fun with that credit card 🙂


    1. Thanks for the great testimonial. (Where do I send the check?) I wonder if I could recycle Holobarkers into the sci-fi setting I’m planning right now.


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