Beta Readers or Critique Partners?

Writing is mostly a solitary process. When we  get “in the zone” we hate interruptions. They inevitably happen, but that’s another story. But we’re too close to our work to be objective. We need at least one other set of eyes to review our work and give us feedback.

I am fortunate to be a part of a local critique group. I can’t tell you how valuable these members have been to me over the years. They look at my work objectively, make suggestions as to how I might write a scene or paragraph better, and tell me if there is something they just don’t understand.

I also used Beta Readers for both The Stranger and Unseen Motives. Beta readers had the advantage of reading the entire manuscript at once and were able to point out things my weekly writer’s group didn’t catch.

Mae Clair takes the helm over at Story Empire today to discuss this subject. Why not hop over and read her thoughts on the matter? Click here to read her post.

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