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Hello, Everyone. There are basically two types of writers. Plotters do detailed outlines of their books before they begin to write the first chapter. Many of them know the exact number of chapters to write the story and have a brief synopsis of each one. They do in-depth character sketches and develop settings with great detail. When they sit down to write the novel, the story has already been developed.

On the other hand, pantsers (those who write by the seat of their pants) don’t do any planning at all. They may have a general idea of what their story is, but they write with the idea of allowing the story to take on a life of its own.

Actually, there is a third type of writer – the one who is a combination of a plotter and a panster. I consider myself in this category. But whatever category a writer finds himself or herself in, having the story end in mind is a necessity. Harmony Kent has a great post today on Story Empire where she discusses having the end in mind. Click the link below to check out her post.

Source: The End in Mind | Story Empire

2 thoughts on “The End in Mind | Story Empire

  1. I’m in the last category too, Joan, though a little more on the panster end then plotter. Harmony’s post definitely has me thinking about the way I write! 🙂


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