Scrivener – The Almost Perfect Writing Tool

Good morning readers. I’m enjoying a week of “staycation” one in which I plan to devote to writing the first draft of Unknown Reasons. I’ve looked forward to writing the second of the Driscoll Lake Series for some time and even more to when it’s published sometime this summer.

And I can’t imagine using anything other than Scrivener for writing. Scrivener? If you aren’t a writer, you might not have heard of this tool. And if you are a writer, perhaps you’ve resisted using it. I once resisted myself, but now I can’t imagine going back to Word for writing a full-length novel. I used it when writing The Stranger and Unseen Motives. (The photo above is a screen shot of the Unseen Motives project.

So what is Scrivener? I’d call it a glorified version of Word but with so much more. The developers at Literature and Latte understand writing and the needs of writers. With Scrivener, I can compile into ePub, .mobi, .pdf and more. But rather than have me explain its use, hop over to Story Empire when author P S Solomon talks about Scrivener and its applications.

And now, back to writing Unknown Reasons.


15 thoughts on “Scrivener – The Almost Perfect Writing Tool

  1. I can’t say that I am resisting using it. I can say that it’s easier to go to what you know and are already comfortable with. One of my goals this year is to write my family history. I am using the stories as blog posts for this year, too. I will use Scrivener for this project because I want to most flexibility with the completed project. Also, I will be ready to use Scrivener for fiction writing when I get back to it sometime in 2018.


    1. Nancy, I think writers should use what they’re comfortable using. If you need some tutorials on Scrivener, I recommend checking out Udemy. Karen Prince has some easy to understand videos and she often offers the classes for $10.00.


      1. I have the Joseph Michael Scrivener course and have gone through most of it but then life got crazy when my husband got sick in Dec 2015. In all the craziness of those months I reverted back to Word out of necessity…not enough brain to really learn something new. Hoping I have enough brain power now. We’ll see. LOL


        1. Joseph Michael’s course is good. Back in the early days of Tribe Writers, Jeff had a one hour video class with Joseph. I didn’t purchase the class then, and later found the Udemy classes much cheaper and just as informative.


          1. I didn’t know about Udemy courses when I bought the Joseph Michael one. I have done a few Udemy courses now that I know about it. They were helpful and reasonably priced. Wonderful resource for many things. 🙂


  2. Love Scrivener! Am anxious to get my memoir published, so I can begin work on a what I hope will be a finished historical novel. I’ve not used the novel template, and I think it might have made more sense for my memoir even though it is nonfiction.


    1. Can’t imagine my writing life before Scrivener. The novel template is awesome – it contains everything you need for write, format, and publish. I would love to see you write a fiction, Sherrey!


  3. How wonderful to be having a staycation devoted to writing. Wishing you a lovely word count 🙂

    I really need to set a block of time aside to learn Scrivener. If I can just chisel one out, I’m sure I’ll love the thing!


    1. Well, I didn’t make my word count today, but got some things accomplished. I’m blessed to have 13 hours per month vacation, plus four hours floating holiday. So I take 3-4 staycations each year. Always helpful for writing time.


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