When Things Go Bump in the Night

I’m fascinated with lighthouses. These towering structures stand upon rocky coasts, seashores, and remote islands. Once widely used, they marked treacherous shoals and reefs, dangerous coastlines, and guided ships to safe harbor entrances. Lighthouse keepers were diligent in their duties and often lived in an adjacent building known as a keeper’s house.

These historical lighthouses have become almost obsolete with the advent of modern technology. The coast guard maintains many of them. Historical societies and private citizens own others. A few of the keeper’s houses offer guest lodging.

As is the case with many old structures, there are tales of ghosts, mysterious sightings, and hauntings. A few which people say are haunted are Currituck Beach Light Station on The Outer Banks of North Carolina, Fairport Harbor Lighthouse located in Ohio on the shores of Lake Erie, Big Pay Point overlooking Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, and Heceta Head Lighthouse in Yachats, Oregon.

When asked if I would like to participate in a Halloween theme anthology with other writers, my imagination began to stir. I envisioned a remote island, an old lighthouse, a tragic event, and a mysterious nighttime visitor.

My story, The Keeper’s House, is featured in Macabre Sanctuary—a brand new collection of short stories by AIW Press. I join nine other authors, Mae Clair, Jan Morrill, Staci Troilo, Pamela Foster, Stacy Claflin, Michele Jones, K. E. Lane, Harmony Kent, and C. S. Boyack in tales of mystery and suspense, thrills and chills, shadows and superstitions.

For more information about the book as well as retailer links, click here or visit my book section. Grab your free copy and snuggle up by the fireplace or your favorite reading spot. But don’t be surprised if something goes bump in the night.

10 thoughts on “When Things Go Bump in the Night

  1. Oh, lighthouses! I think I join everyone else in saying that I love lighthouses. I actually chose the beach we originally got married on so we could have its lighthouse in the background of the pictures. Looking forward to reading your story!


  2. Well, you mentioned my favorite Oregon lighthouse, Heceta Head, so you pulled me in. Who can’t wait to read about mysteries and ghosts as we move toward Halloween? Got my copy, and congratulate you on another publication!


    1. Haven’t visited it, but I’ve heard stories about Heceta Head. Hope you enjoy the book. I had fun writing my story and imagining what it would be like to live in a keeper’s house.


  3. Joan, like you, I have an affinity for lighthouses and have visited a few. They make a great setting for stories, and I so enjoyed The Keeper’s House. You spun an excellent tale!


  4. Great promotional post, Joan. I love your story, and I do love lighthouse lore. (This will come as no surprise to you, but I have a novel in the works with a lighthouse in it.)


    1. Doesn’t surprise me at all. We’re thinking alike again! Glad you enjoyed the story. I enjoyed using my characters, Lauren and Hannah, again. You’ll probably see them sometime in the future when they go off on another “adventure.”


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