Not Your Granddaddy’s Western

At one time, westerns were one of the most popular types of programs on television. Before I was born, my brother was a big fan of The Lone Ranger. My mother wouldn’t miss an episode of The Virginian and my father liked the show Have Gun Will Travel.

I grew up watching John Wayne and other western stars. In the 1980s, when westerns had a resurgence in popularity, two of my favorite movies were Clint Eastwood’s Pale Rider and Silverado with Scott Glenn, Kevin Kline, Danny Glover, and Kevin Costner.

Therefore, I was excited when asked if I would like to participate in an anthology of western stories. But unlike the movies I grew up watching, these aren’t your typical shoot ’em up westerns.

Unshod released last week. I join authors Jan Morrill, Pamela Foster, Staci Troilo, P. C. Zick, Janna Hill, Michele Jones, Frances Guenette, and Lorna Faith in a collection of traditional and contemporary stories.

For more information on the book as well as retailer links, click on my Unshod book page. And if you have a chance, take a moment to visit the websites of these other talented authors. I am honored to be included in this collection.

The stories aren’t your granddaddy’s western, but they’re darn good!

16 thoughts on “Not Your Granddaddy’s Western

  1. Joan… thanks for sharing your story of growing up watching westerns on T.V. It’s been fun being in this anthology with you and all the other amazing writers in this group 🙂 Shared!


  2. I’ve got this on my Kindle and am looking forward to reading the stories. I’ve always loved westerns even though I discovered my favorites (Bonanza and Lancer) long after they had been taken off the air. I was a fan of Pale Rider and Silverado, too, along with The Magnificent Seven and plenty of John Wayne movies.

    Traditional and contemporary sounds like a great collection!


    1. Mae, I hope you like the stories (and I believe you will). The mixture of contemporary and traditional works and there is something for just about anyone’s taste in this collection.

      Silverado and Pale Rider, huh? We seem to have several things in common!


      1. Yep, we do! There is something about the Old West that has always fascinated me. I’ve also done a lot of non-fiction reading about the people who populated it. I started reading the book last night and am really enjoying it so far!


    2. Finally found something we disagree on. I was never a western fan. I had a mild crush on the guy from Wild, Wild West, but that had more to do with his looks and swagger and less to do with the genre. 😉 Still, I love this anthology. There are some really good stories in there. But like the marketing says, these aren’t your granddaddy’s westerns, so that might be why.


      1. Well, I started reading it last night. I only finished the first two stories so far (it was late) but I really enjoyed them both. Yours is next, I think! 🙂


  3. Joan, I enjoyed all the stories. I am please to be a part of this set. I believe that the readers will enjoy it.


  4. Joan, thank you so much for posting about our new collection. It is such an honor to be a part of this excellent set. I think readers will be pleased.


    1. Patricia, it’s an honor for me also. I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s stories and love the mix of styles contained in the book. I also think readers will love it!


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