July ~ The Heat is On

In the northern hemisphere, July is one of the hottest months of the year. Summer activities are in full swing, the days are long, the nights are short, and many seek refuge from the heat. Let’s learn a bit more about this seventh month of the year.

The Roman Senate named the month of July was named for Julius Caesar. In the original Roman calendar it was the fifth month and called Quintilis. Two big celebrations occur during July for the North American Continent—Canada Day on July 1 and for the United States, Independence Day on July 4.

“Hot July brings cooling showers, apricots and gillyflowers. ~Sara Coleridge

  • The July birthstone is the ruby.
  • The flower is the water lily.
  • On July 16, 1790, The District of Columbia was established.
  • Three former US Presidents died on July 4, the anniversary of our nation’s birth. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died within hours of one another in 1826. James Monroe died five years later in 1831.
  • President Calvin Coolidge is the only president to date born on Independence Day. He was born July 4, 1872.
  • In addition to the United States, several countries celebrate their Independence during July. They include Belarus, Argentina, Venezuela, Belgium, The Bahamas, and Maldives. Like Canada, France also celebrates a national day during the month.
  • July is National Blueberry Month, National Hot Dog Month, and National Ice Cream Month.
  • Three states joined the Union in the month of July—New York (by ratification of the constitution) in 1788, and Idaho and Wyoming in 1890.
  • The July full moon is known as the Full Buck Moon because it is the month in which the new antlers of buck deer push out of their foreheads. It is also referred to as the Full Thunder Moon due to frequent thunderstorms during the month as well as the Full Hay Moon.
  • July’s hot days are sometimes referred to as the “dog days of summer.”
  • Famous people born in June include the late Princess Diana, former Beatle Ringo Starr, figure skater Michele Kwan, actors Kevin Bacon and Tom Hanks, and NBA star Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs.

What are some of your favorite summer activities? Please share in the comments.

9 thoughts on “July ~ The Heat is On

  1. Joan I adore sunflowers and I love your photo, they are so beautiful. I guess our summer is all about being outdoors and BBQ’s and beach time. Enjoy the warm weather.


  2. I guess I was celebrating and didn’t even know it… I had blueberries this morning for breakfast.

    When we lived in PA, we went to a festival over the long weekend every year, and then gathered at a family member’s house to watch the fireworks my hometown put on. Now, in AR, we just stay at home and light our own. We get the best seats for viewing, but I miss the family and frivolity. Hope you had a good holiday.


    1. Blueberries are always a good thing. And of course, we need ice cream and hot dogs to celebrate this month. 🙂 I love going to a fireworks display, but we usually stay home and celebrate. This year, my niece and two of her children came over. We had a good time, and yes, front row seats.


  3. I continue to love these posts about the months. Currently, I’m not fond of June or July. Since July 3rd, we’ve had no rain. So atypical for the NW. And for the last 16 days our temps have been 20 or more degrees higher than usual hovering in the mid to upper 90s. The weather prognosticators tell us a cool down is coming after one more hot day and yet no possibility of rain. Forest fires are raging and so many fires over the 4th due to fireworks. Please pray for our area. I know you know what it’s like to be hot and dry, and your state also knows what it’s like to have too much rain all at once. In our region and state, we need to practice patience in our desires for a return to normalcy.


    1. Oh Sherrey, I feel for you. Yes, I know what it’s like. As much as I’ve disliked the extreme rainfall we’ve had this year, I keep reminding myself of the severe drought we’ve faced in the past. If only we could have sent some of our rain to Oregon and California. Will pray.


  4. I love learning the interesting facts. Thanks for sharing. For my family, we love cooking out, camping and boating. Of course, this year has been rainy and soggy, making our family get in our outdoor activities between raindrops.


    1. We’ve had the rain, rain, and more rain. Finally there are days of sunshine forecast as well as triple digit temps. I could do without the latter, but it’s been two years since we reached 100 degrees. Much better than four years ago with the drought and temps more in the range of 105-110.

      We love to camp also, although my idea camping these days is a cabin the the woods. 🙂


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