June~Summer, Strawberries, and More

Can you believe we’re already into the sixth month of the year? Summer is upon us, school is out, and many families take vacations. Let’s learn a little more about the month of June.

June is one of my favorite months. In the northern hemisphere, it is the time of summer solstice, or the longest day of the year. In the early Roman calendar, June was the fourth month and had only twenty-nine days. Julius Caesar added an additional day when he reformed the calendar. The month got its name from the Roman goddess Juno.

“Spring being a tough act to follow, God created June.” ~Al Bernstein

  • The birthstone for June is the pearl, alexandrite, and moonstone.
  • Rose is the flower
  • June is National Candy Month, National Dairy Month, and National Adopt a Cat Month (I already have three cats, so I’ll pass on the that one.)
  • On June 14, 1777 the Continental Congress adopted the United States flag. We now celebrate Flag Day each year on June 14.
  • D-Day (the anniversary of the allied landings in Normandy in 1944) is June 6th.
  • Father’s Day is the third Sunday of June (this year on the 21st).
  • Some other special (or wacky) days are, Flip a Coin Day (1st), Hug your Cat Day (4th), National Doughnut Day (5th), Best Friends Day (8th), Iced Tea Day (10th) (I like that one!), National Park Day (23rd), and Take Your Dog to Work Day (26th).
  • Seven states joined the Union in the month of June—New Hampshire, New York, and Virginia in 1788 by ratification of the constitution; Kentucky in 1792, Tennessee in 1796, Arkansas in 1836, and West Virginia in 1863 when it seceded from Virginia during the War Between the States). Hawaii was also organized as a territory in 1900, but didn’t become a state until 1959.
  • The June full moon is known as the Full Strawberry Moon so named for the time to harvest strawberries. In Europe it was also referred to as the Rose Moon.
  • Famous people born in June include former NFL quarterbacks Joe Montana and John Elway, singer Paul McCartney, guitarist Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, Prince William, actors Liam Neeson and Gary Busey, poet and playwright W. B. Yeats, and author Pearl Buck.

Do you have special plans for the summer? What is one of your favorite vacations? Please share in the comments.


10 thoughts on “June~Summer, Strawberries, and More

  1. Envious of your warm weather and the fact strawberries are very expensive here in the winter months. Enjoy your vacation Joan, soak it up and relax.


  2. We haven’t taken a vacation in years. Still I do love summer because then I can see my grandsons more since they will be out of school. I liked learning about all the June days.


    1. Anne, I get a lot of vacation time from work, but most of the time I take “staycations.” We spent years without taking a real vacation, but in recent years have started to travel some again. I would love to visit all 50 states some day. Glad you enjoyed the post.


  3. I always look forward to these monthly posts. School isn’t out here for another week or so, and definitely not soon enough as we’re to hit the 90s this weekend for a few days. Many of our schools have no a/c. My blog post today talks about a favorite vacation, one when I was 12.


    1. Sherrey, our school is out today. We had to make up for days lost due to bad weather. For many years when I was in school we didn’t have air conditioning. Of course, back then, we had fall and spring. Now we go from winter to summer and back again.

      Loved your blog post!


  4. I love your monthly facts. June is special in our house, not only do we celebrate Father’s Day, but several birthdays.


  5. As you know, I love your monthly posts. I, too, am a fan of the moon stories.

    And have you noticed you frequently have a Pittsburgh connection in your posts? (You must do that for me. 🙂 ) Joe Montana is from the Pittsburgh-area.


    1. Staci, when I mentioned Ben Rothlisberger, I had you in mind. I always try to pick a couple of sports figures. I had no idea Joe was from the Pittsburgh area. He’s one of my favorite all time quarterbacks and in my opinion just about the best.


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