Something About October

Autumn Scene

There is something about October. If I had to pick a favorite month, it’s this one. Autumn is my favorite season and October is the month when the weather begins to feel like fall in Texas.

It’s a time for fall festivals, pumpkins, and scarecrows. Goldenrods, chrysanthemums, and spider lilies bloom. Trees change into beautiful arrays of color.


The days grow shorter as the sun rises and sets farther south. Clear blue skies replace the hazy ones of summer. The nights are crisp and cool. Bright constellations fill the night skies.

October is the time of harvest—the last cutting of hay fields usually occurs this month. Farmers and ranchers store the bales of hay for winter and any remaining crops are gathered.

It is the time for hayrides, and sitting by the fire pit, roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate.Firepit

October is a time for migrating birds—the cattle egrets that are common to this area in late spring and summer have departed. Ducks and geese fly overhead and rest on lakes as they journey south.


Yes, there is something about October.

Do you have a favorite season? A favorite month? What are some of your favorite fall activities? Please share in the comments.

10 thoughts on “Something About October

  1. Hi Joan lovely post, i have been wading through my emails and discovered you there. I love Autumn too. October I guess is special because it is spring, birds, flowers and warmer weather is good too. The autumn colours can be amazing. Love your photo’s.


  2. We wait patiently for fall and a burst of color here in the Pacific NW, and then, yes then the rain starts. This year it has started with arduous strength and record rainfalls were set over the entire state. Hopefully, the rain and wind won’t strip the leaves from all the trees before we see their colorful majesty. But sometimes that happens, and I miss the autumn in the south.

    For these reasons, I suppose my favorite season is spring, and then the fall. I love the green shoots of new life in spring and watching ever unfolding blossoms on trees. However, the smells of fall I can bring indoors by using candles and spices! 🙂

    Great post!


    1. Sherrey, our fall colors come late in the season (the trees are just now beginning to change). Fall is my favorite season, but I also like the spring. However, we sometimes have years when things begin to blossom, then a late freeze comes. I’m not crazy about cold weather and certainly not in the springtime!


  3. Still on the same wavelength, I see. Autumn and October are my favorites, too. I try to find something to look forward to in all the seasons, in every month, but you can’t beat this time of year. (And your photos are beautiful, by the way.)


    1. Thank you, Staci. I do love all the seasons, but October is my favorite. I even winter (except when it lingers like it did last year!) I am thankful that I live in an area where we experience all four seasons.


  4. My favorite season is also fall! I love the crisp air, kaleidoscope of colors, fallen leaves, apple crisp, – oh my, I could go on and on! Beautiful photos!


    1. “Kaleidoscope of colors.” Great description! And yes, apple crisp, spicy scented candles, pumpkin anything… Like you, I could go on and on. Thanks for stopping by, Kim!


  5. You are so right, Joan! There is something about October. Your words and pictures are lovely – thank you for sharing your October and making mine even better!


    1. Thank you for visiting Joy. I enjoyed seeing your photos today on Facebook. Our fall will look like that in late November – the trees are just beginning to change here. Blessings!!


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