Making Memories

I’ve been AWOL for a while—at least here on the blog. Although summer doesn’t officially arrive until later this week, I’ve been thinking about the lazy hazy days of summer for a while.

For many people, it is a time of increased activity. For me, it is a time to slow down, to reflect, and to enjoy family times.

So rather than a lengthy post, I’ll share a few photos of some of my summer activities (to date):


We attended my great niece’s high school graduation. Some day, I plan to write Anna’s miracle story, but suffice to say, we are very proud of her.


My husband surprised me with an overnight anniversary trip to historic Jefferson, Texas. Jefferson is known for its antiques, as well as ghosts. We stayed in a hotel that was built in the 1850s, but we didn’t see any ghosts!


There is something about trains and railroad tracks that fascinates me. Maybe it’s because traveling by train is somewhat of a bygone era (Amtrak the exception, of course).  Perhaps it is because when I look at a photo such as this, I think of taking a journey. A journey to a new and unfamiliar territory. And, of course, writing is a journey that often takes us to unknown places.

DSC_0462Our last stop of the trip was to Caddo Lake in far eastern Texas. I love seeing the moss covered Cypress trees.

There are times when we need to take a break from writing. A time for renewal, a time for rest, a time to make memories.

What memories are you making this summer? Please share in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Making Memories

  1. I liked the pic of the railroad tracks. I recently went to Chicago from Peoria by train. Then I took a second train and went to McHenry by my brother’s house. I think seeing the circus go by would have been something.


    1. Thanks Anne. I have an older photo (taken with a 35mm film camera) of my nieces walking along a railroad track in western Texas. Don’t know why those types of photos fascinate me.

      John said seeing the circus train was really special to him.


  2. I love seeing what you’re doing not only with your summer time, but also with your camera. Making memories in the summer is fun, and of course, our trip to Tennessee was part of those memories. Other memories will be made with community concerts by the groups Bob plays in and long drives in the country in our convertible. Here’s to taking time to rest and refresh!


    1. Sherrey – I love photography. It often inspires me to write. I enjoyed reading your stories about your trip. I would love to take a lengthy trip on Amtrak. Once my husband and I decided to do a day trip to Dallas via Amtrak. We enjoyed it.


    1. I think so, Kathleen, but I’m biased. 🙂 Seriously, we have such a variety of landscapes from the tree laden eastern part of the state, to the high plains, and desert in far west Texas. Come visit us sometime!


    1. We really enjoyed it, Shelley. My husband grew up near railroad tracks. He would often see hobos on the trains when he was a child. Another time, Ringling Brothers Circus train passed by.


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