This Week at Story Empire

Is it already Friday? What happened to the week? I'm not exactly sure, but it went by as fast as if I'd been on vacation. Yes, I was told I wouldn't have as much time as I thought I would. It's true. More things going on at the Hall household this week. Errands to run,... Continue Reading →

Some Velvet Morning #WIP Wednesday

Hey, readers. I haven't written a WIP Wednesday post in a while, mainly because there was little to share. This week, I'm happy to report I've made progress. Twelve of the thirteen short stories for my upcoming collection are written. All would have been done, but I didn't like how I'd done the thirteenth story,... Continue Reading →

This Week at Story Empire

Hey everyone! Happy Friday, the first one of fall. Our temperatures soared this week, making the autumn equinox feel more like the summer solstice. But signs of fall are everywhere. My spider lilies began blooming this week and a cool front is supposed to bring our temps back down to more seasonal norms next Monday.... Continue Reading →

The Alaska Triangle

Most everyone has heard of the Bermuda Triangle—an area of the Atlantic Ocean where numerous ships and planes have mysteriously disappeared. I wrote a blog post about five planes, known as Flight 19, that vanished there in 1945. However, did you know there is a similar phenomenon in Alaska? It seems there are also many... Continue Reading →

This Week at Story Empire

Hey, everyone. It's the last Friday of the summer. Here in Texas, we're moving into more autumn-like weather. One morning the low was in the upper fifties. Quite a contrast from our triple-digit summer temps. Our recent rain helped the grass to grow, and everything is a lot greener than it was a month ago.... Continue Reading →

The Watcher House

Westfield, New Jersey is a town that many residents compare to the idyllic Mayberry from The Andy Griffith Show. Only forty-five minutes from New York City, it’s a nice community in which to raise a family. For one couple, their dream of living there turned into a nightmare. On a June night in 2014, Derek... Continue Reading →

This Week at Story Empire

Happy Friday, everyone! I hope everyone has enjoyed their week. I'm getting used to not having to drive to work every day. Let's just say it didn't take much of an adjustment. I'm loving this new life. Pete Springer said he's ready for an "I'm retired" post from me, and I promise it's coming. This... Continue Reading →

August Book Reviews

Hey, readers. During the month of August, I read several books. Since I've been on a blog break, I'm playing catch-up with the reviews. The Storm Girl ★★★★★ I enjoy dual timeline books and The Storm Girl didn’t disappoint. The story alternates between two main characters—Esther in the 1700s, and Millie in present day. After... Continue Reading →

Labor Day

It's the unofficial end of summer. Backyard cookouts, trips to the beach or lake, and even camping trips often cease after the holiday. With fall around the corner, I start to think of bonfires, hayrides, falling leaves, and Halloween. Today is the Labor Day Holiday in the United States, a day designated to pay tribute... Continue Reading →

This Week at Story Empire

Hey, Readers. Happy September. I'm back from my blogging break and already into the second day of retirement. More about that next week, but today is the first of something new. Most of you know I'm a contributor at Story Empire. Along with fellow authors, Mae Clair, Staci Troilo, C. S. Boyack, Harmony Kent, Gwen... Continue Reading →

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